The Current State of Film Budgets

Film Budgets are going down. That is undeniable. Film tax credits and incentives are up. In the cash strapped, credit crunched movie funding market we find ourselves within the film industry there has never been more downward pressure on film budgets in modern memory.

Film financiers $30 Million films are being cut to $20 Million and twenty million dollar movie budgets are being cut to ten million or less. Three million is the new eight million even as gargantuan film budgets rise to exponential heights of $100 Million, $200 Million and $300 Million for tentpole, 3D, computer generated imagery (CGI) VFX films. With the world advertising industry likewise on a rebound after a free fall decline, foreign sales are likewise low and driving the ability to finance a movie budget lower.

Accuracy becomes even more critical as a film budget is reduced in order to maintain quality at a reduced rate. Movie budgets must provide the same precision and onscreen production value in order to deliver at these reduced film costs. provides the most critical part of a film business plan.

What are Film Budgets?

Film Budgets are the financial backbone of a movie or television program. They present the Line Producer a roadmap to making your film. With quality movie budgets in hand the film producer can present their script to financiers in order for them to invest and make the film. A detailed movie budget is essential. The accuracy must be undertaken by a seasoned and experienced Line Producer or Unit Production Manager. Off the shelf, quick budgets will not stand up to any film investment test. The work is detailed and must be done by a qualified movie producer.

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Movie Budgets list all costs in the film. Everything that is in the allowable spend is included. From grips, electricians, to stars, assistants, screening rooms, to food and explosions… You name it, every single movie expense is in the budget. is the place for quality film budgets, schedules and breakdowns for your project.

For 25 years we have been providing top quality production knowledge to film and television projects while creating world class feature films and tv programming.

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